About The Dark Room

What is The Dark Room?

The dark Room is my photography portfolio and attempt to help educate others in the art of film and digital photography. I want to help you think, brand your own true style, and understand that rapid firing with your DSLR on GreenBox (Auto) is not helping your cause.

About Me

patrick-baileyWhen I’m not traveling & taking photos, and spending time with my family and dogs, I’m usually thinking non-stop, reverse-engineering and applying new technologies to my life and work, rocking out to metal, rap, and classic rock music, building something new for the house, working in the yard, studying up on the history of vintage cars, motorcycles, and having an occasional beer.

Fun Facts: I don’t watch baseball, football, soccer, and any other sport that includes a ball being thrown around.

Professional Life: I currently work in the advertising & marketing industry handling client projects as a digital project manager for an agency in Milwaukee, WI.

I currently live in Elm Grove, Wisconsin with my beautiful wife, our newborn son, and our two amazing dogs, Bailey & Patrick.

What’s in my bag?

For digital , I am currently photographing all people and corporate work with a 36.3 Megapixel Nikon D800E and my favorite prime lenses.

11259370_1654708878091274_1187865968_nFor film, I shoot everything primarily with my Leica M6 (Built in 1988). I have had many cameras over the years and the M6 is by far my favorite of them all. Additionally, I keep a Canon AE-1 as well as a Canon G-III QL17 Rangefinder when I want to mix things up a bit.