About The Dark Room

What is The Dark Room?

The dark Room is an evolving project by Nicholas B. Putz featuring opinions and experience reviews around technology, photography, digital media, gaming, and all things creative and fun.

About Nicholas Putz

When not traveling & taking photos, and spending time with my son and dog, I’m usually thinking non-stop, reverse-engineering and applying new technologies to my life and work, rocking out to retro wave, metal, rap, and classic rock music, building something new for the house, working in the yard, studying up on the history of vintage cars, motorcycles, and overall wrenching on my classic mustang.

Fun Facts: I don’t watch baseball, football, soccer, and any other sport that includes a ball being thrown around, except Basketball. I like that.

Professional Life: I currently work as marketing director and strategist in Milwaukee, WI. Connect with me on LinkedIn

I currently live in Elm Grove, Wisconsin with my incredible son, and infinitely energetic and amazing dog Patrick.

What’s in my camera bag?

I currently shoot with a Leica Q2 47MP digital camera.