Video Review of VSCO Cam for Android

The video below is an overview of the VSCO Cam App for Android as demonstrated on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I made an attempt to extemporaneously go over the primary sections of the app that I felt would apply to those of you like myself who are somewhat serious about producing some very nice results with the app.

As a reminder, VSCO (Visual Supply Co.) is a company that has spent years replicating the look of timeless film types and they apply these looks to digital exceptionally well, especially in this app. I recommend potentially investing in the presets in the app to help support the outstanding product they provide.

I know there is a slight learning curve for some users when navigating this app, so I hope this helps a bit.If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me any time and I will do my best to help out any way I can.

For more information on purchasing presets for VSCO Cam – Please check out

Check out the video below and let me know what you think about the VSCO Cam app in the comments below or through Twitter @nickmke.

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VSCO Processed image of a Leica M6
VSCO Processed image of a Leica M6